Robert Witt
Class of 2003

Robert Witt
Robert Witt was named to the University of Southern Mississippi Hall of Fame in 1999.

The former longtime Ardmore principal graduated from Limestone County High School in Elkmont, where he was a four-year starter for the football team. He then played college football at Perkinston Junior College before transferring to Mississippi Southern College (later called Southern Miss).

At Southern Miss, Witt played end on both sides of the ball for the 1941 undefeated team and was a starter on the 1945-46 basketball team.

He's a World War II veteran and excelled on service teams. He played three seasons at Keesler Field in Biloxi, Mississippi, where he was voted most valuable player by his teammates in 1944. He also made the All-Southeast Team in '44. He played on the Hickam Field service team at Honolulu, Hawaii, for one season.

Later, Witt signed a two-year, no-cut contract with the Detroit Lions.

He also coached sports at Athens College, Limestone County High School, and Athens High School. Witt was principal of Ardmore for 27 years and started the girls' athletic program under the direction of Mike Davis and Catherine Connors.