George Roberts
Class of 2004

George Roberts
George Roberts was not a great athlete and never coached much organized ball in his life. What he did for sports in Limestone County can't be measured on his athletic ability.

Roberts, a former superintendent of Limestone County Schools, was a true lover of athletics in this county and is best known for the work he did to build many ofthe first gymnasiums in Limestone County. Many of those gyms still stand today, especially at the junior high school level.

"He worked hard for athletics in Limestone County and many of the gyms we see today were built during his administration," said Dr. Angie Nazaretian. "He is certainly deserving ofthis honor."

"George played basketball in high school and even though he was tall, that was before the day of the big man," said his widow, Betty Roberts. "I remember he played centerfield as a softball and baseball player. He had a good eye for the ball and had good hands. He could really catch a baseball."

Roberts is a native Athenian, born on South Houston Street and was the only child of Henry Clay and Mamie Roberts.

In 1956 he was elected to serve as superintendent of county schools. He held that position for two terms. During his administration consolidation of smaller schools into larger schools and extensive building programs were his most outstanding accomplishments.

He finished his career as business manager in charge of federal programs for Limestone County schools. After retirement, he was active as a volunteer in various civic organizations. He also served as Sunday School teacher, youth leader and Elder in the First Presbyterian Church.