Eugene Cooper
Class of 2003

Eugene Cooper
Eugene Cooper was a successful coach of three sports at Ardmore High School. He coached football, basketball and track, winning several state championships plus numerous Wheeler Base Conference Championships.

"Mr. Cooper was an excellent motivator of men in addition to his abilities to coach football", wrote Dr. Bill Berry, who graduated from Ardmore in 1966. "The Ardmore Tigers were the dominant program in the region and Ardmore was feared by all foes."

"Cooper touched many lives in Ardmore and the surrounding area", said Nolan Haney. "(His) ability to lead and motivate young men was second to none," wrote Haney, who graduated in 1962.

Haney added, "I was fortunate to have played football on two state championship teams at Ardmore High School. There's no way I can tell you how much this has meant to me throughout the years. To be associated with (Cooper) was a great experience."