Manion Coffman
Class of 2018

Manion Coffman

Thousands of athletes have walked the halls at Elkmont High School, but not many have compared to Manion Coffman, his former coach said.

Marvin Young, who coached Coffman in his junior and senior seasons of 1966 and 1967, said he was a special athlete who could do just about anything. “In his 11th grade year, he played quarterback for five games, and we weren’t doing so well, so I moved him to tailback,” Young said. “He had a very good five games there. Then his senior year, he played tailback all year and he was a threat anytime he got the ball. We had a sweep play he ran well, and he could still throw it. He threw 10 touchdown passes from the tailback position. He could do it all.”

Coffman’s transition to tailback worked out well for both Coffman and the team. The Red Devils enjoyed a 7-3 season, their first winning season since 1936, and Coffman was an honorable mention All-American selection after accounting for 25 touchdowns, also earning All-State and All-County honors. “He was just a very special individual,” Young said. “He was not only a great athlete, but a great leader and a person who inspired others. Of all the athletes that I have coached, he was one of the best athletes I have ever been associated with.”

In addition to his play on the gridiron, Coffman also starred for the Red Devils on the basketball court, baseball diamond and in track and field.

“I think they won the county basketball championship his senior year, and then in the spring played baseball and they either won the county or were runner-up,” Young said. “He was just a great athlete at anything he set out to do.”

Young nominated Coffman for the Limestone County Sports Hall of Fame two years ago, but it took a couple of years for his selection to happen. Young said he is glad Coffman is being recognized for the kind of athlete and leader he was at Elkmont.

“It took a couple of years, but thankfully he made it in,” Young said. “I’m very proud for him. It is a well-deserved honor.”